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Why Chapters? 

An Alumni chapter is a group of former students of the University who share a common interest. The establishment of Murdoch Alumni chapters is an excellent way to strengthen links between alumni.

Representation to the University through chapters, strengthen's the University's support base and allows for 'grass roots' input into the University's consultative process and a network for the distribution of information on Murdoch University development and alumni activities.

Chapters Provide:

  • Opportunities for networking and fostering social, professional and business relations among alumni.
  • Opportunities for social gatherings.
  • A channel for communication between alumni and Murdoch University.
  • Opportunities to assist Murdoch University in the achievement of its objectives.

Chapter Activities

  • Identification of new alumni; the update and maintenance of local name and address information.
  • Recruitment of members to the chapter.
  • Provide a welcome and a focus support group to new alumni.
  • Facilitate professional development and job networking activities.
  • Establish contact and to cultivate links with current students.
  • Develop a program of activities to enhance the objectives of the University within the discipline or the region.
  • Pass on to the Alumni Centre information, press releases, etc. announcing significant achievements of alumni.

For more information about establishing a new chapter please contact the Alumni Centre alumni@murdoch.edu.au.

Alumni contacts and chapters